Everything you need to know about White-Glove Home Delivery Service

white glove delivery service

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The increasing growth of online or in store shopping has changed the meaning of luxury among consumers in Canada.

Consumers expect unique, exclusive experience associated with buying a high value furniture or appliance. This exclusive experience is characterized by convenience, fulfillment speed and accuracy.

So, from business point of view, this adds more pressure to offer consumers more than just product or service; a complete buying experience.

And this is where White Glove Home Delivery Service comes in place.

What Exactly is a White-Glove Delivery Service?

White Glove Home Delivery term in logistics and transportation is basically a premium service needed to deliver specialty goods including but not limited to Appliances, Furniture, and expensive equipment.

The premium service involves the way every package or product is treated delicately throughout the whole logistic cycle until delivered with precision to the customer.

White Glove Home Delivery service characteristics are:

  • Special Packaging
  • Attention to details
  • Time Window accuracy
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Hassle-Free Setup & installation
  • And Premium Customer Service

Special Packaging & Attention to Details

transferring, moving and shipping specialty goods and items can be very critical; however, white glove service makes it simple. starting at the vendor level, or as called first mile, Vendors make sure that specialty items get packaged well with handling instruction printed on each package. That depends on the size, nature and fragility of the product.

White glove delivery professionals pay attention to those details and handle products with extra care to avoid damages. This includes moving and shipping items in padded vehicles and trucks.

Time Window

It really comes down to that added value! White Glove service providers don’t just promise a delivery of the goods on time, but also at a time that is satisfactory and suitable to the customer.

Customers get 72 hours automated calls, texts and emails about delivery dates and time windows. Customers then confirm by phone, text or email.

Real-Time Tracking

Another major feature of white glove service is the transparency it offers to customers to track and monitor the progress of their delivery. We are focusing here on the last mile delivery side, where online tracking is offered starting at receiving products until being delivered.

Hassle-Free Setup & Installation

White Glove service is not just a drop off at customer’s doorstep! In fact it includes smooth unpacking and placing the item at the preferred location inside the customer’s house.

Our White glove experts will assist with hassle-free setup, installation and assembly of goods like furniture and appliance. they also take care of disposing scraps and any excess packing material.

Premium Customer Service

We understand that quality of customer service will ensure that the entire fulfillment experience is on track. This is achieved by offering a delightful, flawless customer experience throughout the logistic journey.



How to track your order?

The Carr Group is pleased to introduce shipment tracking feature on the website. the feature offers customers the ability to track their orders in real-time.

The Carr Group API Integration

EDI, API Messaging & Integration

In this small article we explore a variety of integration options with the Carr Group System. Both EDI and API allow partners and businesses to

Who we are

With over 100 years of Home Delivery experience, The Carr Group of Companies, including B&N Delivery, CDS (Carr’s Delivery Service Inc.) and NuVision are your long-term solution to a seamless home delivery program. We offer White glove home delivery service, Reverse Logistics, Logistics Management and Warehousing. 


The delivery man was very professional. He was very nice. I really appreciated how he took care to wipe his feet and his wheels. And he even completed my Christmas tree!!
The delivery agents were very helpful and professional. Thank you very much.
Everything on time as promised. The young man who delivered was polite, careful and professional. Many thanks for excellent service. mj
Please send this team of very competent and polite young men for our next delivery in March, 2021 (new fridge and new freezer)

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